Frequently asked questions

We provide a list of the most common asked questions & our response to them

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is 30 days.

How can the center subscribe to YNMO?

Fill out the trial request form above, and we will contact you within 48 hours.

Is it possible to record the child’s daily response?

Yes, you can record and evaluate each child’s responses on daily basis, and you can view each child’s performance on each target as a daily, weekly or monthly summary.

Is the YNMO App flexible to modify the goal analysis?

Yes, YNMO is flexible. It provides with multiple ways to analyze each goal with charts, add your notes and print them or send them via email.

Can we print a written report or only charts?

You can print the report with charts, or you can edit it to exclude charts.

If we sign up for the one-month-trial, do we have an access to all YNMO’s services?

Yes, you can use all the provided services.

Can we upload all the center’s information to the YNMO platform?

Yes, you can upload all documents and files. It is very simple.

Is the YNMO team going to visit and train us at the center?

Yes, we can train you on how use YNMO virtually.

What kind of devices or programs do we need to use YNMO?

No need for any additional devices or programs to use YNMO, we will train your team on how to use YNMO with the devices that the center/school already has. All we need is a WiFi for the school's principal or supervisor, The teacher/specialist can use the application without a WiFi connection.

We provide speech therapy services, can we benefit from adopting YNMO?

Yes, YNMO was developed to the needs of different services providers to individuals with special needs (e.g., speech therapy, special education, ABA therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy). As long as you need to design individualized plan, monitor progress and evaluate client's performance periodically, generate and share reports, communicate with parents and the multidisciplinary team, YNMO is for you.

Can I use YNMO without going back to the school’s administration?

In the meantime, it’s not possible. but you can provide us with the school’s information and we can contact them.

Can I use YNMO free trial as an individual with the cases I have?

In the meantime, the free trial is ONLY available for centers, school, hospitals that serve 10 or more individuals with special needs.

As an individual working with special needs, I’m willing to pay for YNMO’s services can I use it?

Yes, you can, if you have at least number of 10 cases.

I’m a guardian of a child with special needs can I use Ynmo?

Yes, you can a free access if the centers that provide services to your child is a subscriber with us.

Does a guardian have access to the child’s profile on a daily basis or only weekly skills and notes?

In the meantime, the note will be sent to the guardian via Email and we’re working on developing this feature it in the future.

As a guardian what benefits do I get from using YNMO?

YNMO will connect with the school/center that provides care and educational services to your child. Instead of waiting for the communication log to be sent to you, you can receive daily updates about your child’s progress and any other relevant notifications.

What’s the difference between the platform or the application?

Through the platform, you can design the educational/therapeutical program, add users/students, specify each program to a certain student, and follow up the progress of the educational process. Through the application, you can apply the education and care services, collect data, write daily notes for each student and share it with their families.

How can I guarantee that my personal data is safe?

We care about confidentiality and protection of information, nobody can access your account other than you since you’re the only one that knows the username and password. You can change your password by clicking on “change password” or contact us and we can provide you with a temporary password.

How can I know more about YNMO?

We conduct weekly virtual meetings and review all features of the platform and application. Also, we will be glad if you contact us and send us your questions.